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Join our alliance to preserve our homes, farms, and wood lands. 

About Us

What's Happening?

A new high power voltage line has been proposed by NYSEG, a subsidiary of Avangrid, which is owned by the multinational company Iberdrola, a for profit corporation headquartered in Spain.

Who We Are

We are local landowners in Broome, Cortland, and Onondaga counties using our collective voices to bring about the best outcomes for ourselves, our neighbors, and our communities. 

What you need to know

Landsmen from Coates Field Services have been hired by NYSEG to secure agreements from landowners to allow sub-contractors onto properties and to secure easements in perpetuity. You can get involved and have a voice. 

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BCO Alliance


The Broome/Cortland/Onondaga (BCO) Forest, Farm, & Home Preservation Alliance was formed to: 

1) Increase landowners' strength and power in negotiating by working together

2) Creating licensing agreements that are as protective to landowners as possible

3) Providing information for the record so the Public Service Commission can be better informed in making decisions on this project

4) To protect landowners rights to the highest degree

What you need to know

Don't sign anything provided by the landsmen. Their agreements benefit NYSEG/Avangrid and will not protect landowners. 

If this power line is built and you have signed an easement in perpetuity: 

1) You will continue to pay the property taxes on your property

2) You will have your rights curtailed as to what you can do on your land

3) Your trees will be cut

4) Your land may be reshaped for tower pads, poles, or roads

5) You will continue to carry liability for what happens on your land. 

Join Us

 Join with the BCO Forest, Farm, and Home Preservation Alliance and let's work together to protect our interests. By working together, we have power.  We will provide you with a licensing agreement that has a proven track record. Be sure to sign up for email notices about upcoming meetings and other information. By getting involved, you can help shape the decisions that will be made as we work to protect our homes and land. 

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Check out the newly posted letter from NYSEG in the downloads below (NYSEG 6-29-18 letter.) 

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Broome/Cortland/Onondaga Forest, Farm, & Home Preservation Alliance

(607) 842-6631


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